Cosán – a tale of two paths

Cosan – a tale of two paths

Let’s take a closer look at my Cosán pattern. What and where did the idea for it come from?
Cosán was designed to be a simple introduction to colour work, something for anyone new to colour work in their knitting to be able to try out without having to worry about carrying yarn and changing colours or having endless ends to weave in when the project was finished.
Have you ever watched a raindrop run down a window, joining with other drops as it finds its own path down the window? or a stream weave and wind its way along?
There is something mesmerising about watching two paths run side by side, never meeting yet both just running along on their own course.
Cosán means “path” in Irish and the “path” effect was created in Cosán by the simple action of slipping a stitch at a pre-determined time in the pattern before carrying on. This action is repeated over and over giving a comforting rhythm to the forming of these paths.

The pattern also allows for one colour to be worked on each row, so the worry about carrying threads along the back is taken away. Because of the pattern affect, both sides of this cowl are gorgeous to look at and give both interest and intrigue.
To begin and finish, the ends of this cowl feature an I-cord so you have a beautiful soft rolled edge to the cowl. It hugs both ends enclosing the paths safely within its boundaries and it’s a pretty cool trick to have in your knitting know how.
The Cosán pattern is written for an Aran/Worsted weight yarn so it’s got a nice thickness but is not overly bulky around the neck. It also features two different sizes allowing you to knit to your preferred length. Short to just pop around your neck under a jacket or long so you have multiple options for wearing it.
So let’s just talk about your Cosán’s and what they might be.
Cosán begs for you to explore the world of colour and I’d love to see just what colour combinations you could come up with.
Colour allows you to set the mood for your particular Cosán. If you take a look at the Ravelry projects page HERE of some of the already completed Cosáns you will find colour combinations that inspire!
I have worked this particular cowl in three very different colourways as you will see above and each sets a different mood and created different effect Cosáns.

The denim blue and orange is worked to the smaller size and this has a real feel of Autumn, not surprising considering that was the time of year I knit it and I was inspired the colours around me when taking a walk in the forest. It was teemed with a nice denim blue to create a cowl that I could slip on underneath a light jacket when I went for a walk at that time of year. It goes well with the casual denim end of my wardrobe.
The pink and white colour is the sample knit of this pattern. It was created to really show off how two contrasting colours could blend so well together, each running alongside each other yet neither one over powering the other.
Some of my testers picked two completely different contrasting colours and got the same effect and it is really quite eye-catching. This version always inspires me to think of a black and white cowl and just how amazing and colour popping that one would be. If you knit one in that particular colour combination please do get in touch and show me I’d love to see!
Now the last colour combination I knit was inspired by that stream and that raindrop I mentioned earlier! You will notice that compared to the first and second cowls, it is soothing and calm and was knit in the longer version so I have multiple ways of wearing this one and it goes with my entire casual wardrobe because the blue and cream are quiet and understated so they blend and compliment everything. I also tend to wear this more in Spring time.
This cowl provides the ability to have multiple versions that are different in both look and feel, and all come down to the colour choice I made when starting the project.
So for your Cosán what colours inspire you? Do you want soothing and calming, quiet and understated or something that is going to add that pop of colour?

This is where your Cosán or “path” begins with this project. If you are knitting this for a friend are you going to knit it in their favourite colours and how would knitting it for a friend change the path? Have you been inspired by a photo of a colour combination or something in nature?
Inspiration can be found everywhere you look, there is no right and wrong, this is your path running along on its course.
Do share any colour combinations you’ve thought of that you think would look great, maybe you saw this pattern or some of the finished projects and some colours immediately sprang to mind? Do tell me in the comments section below.
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Until next time, happy knitting,
Ruth x

There is something mesmerising about watching two paths run side by side, never meeting yet both just running along on their own course.