To Darcy with Love

To Darcy with Love

“You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you”

This sock pattern was inspired by the character of Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy.
You simply cannot read Pride and Prejudice and not fall in love with Mr Darcy yourself.
From the very first moment of meeting him, all stiff and proper to those wonderful declarations of love…and you can’t tell me that, should the love of your life declare their love to you in such a manner, you wouldn’t swoon… there is just something about Mr. Darcy that captures the heart and imagination.
This is probably why it has made him one of the most famous male literary characters of all time.

From the beginning, I have imagined “To Darcy with Love” as an item that Elizabeth would have gifted Darcy after they were married. They would reflect tradition, but with a little more lightheartedness, which Elizabeth would have brought out in Mr. Darcy.

The sock pattern takes the traditional rib patterning and mixes it up with some very simple, wrapped stitches, which run in alternating columns down the length of the leg, like a dance.

As the leg moves into the foot, the columns mirror each other back into simple, elegant ribbing.

The cuff and leg further emphasise tradition by being knit in the one colour, this being the part of the sock seen by the world.

The heel and toe of the sock were knit in a contrasting, yet complimenting colour, to bring a touch of fun to these socks, the part that Mr. Darcy would privately see.

“Empty needles are the pen with which I create my story, yarn is my ink.” – Ruth